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Steele 300 Trader’s Coffee House

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Asset Equity$6, 000, 000
Takes Real Estate, Hard Assets, Paper Assets, Other

S300 Traders Coffee House builds on the “Starbuck Effect” of people wanting to be around people, the so called “Third Place.”  A place to meet that is not home and is not the office.  The unique feature of S300 Traders Coffee House is the creation of a comfortable venue to trade everything from collectables to real estate.

Think Starbucks, Kinko’s, Craig’s List, and a marketing conference rolled into one.   That is Steele 300 Trader Coffee House.

Each coffee house is actually a real estate and business center as well as a trader’s headquarters, coupled with multiple profit centers.

Consider this:  You buy a delicious coffee and you have the right to post one item for sale or exchange on the S300 Traders Network.  It is posted right there, while you are having your coffee.  Instantly, your trade offer appears up on the multiple monitors on the walls of the coffee house attracting the attention of other customers.  This action takes place, not  just at this S300 Traders Coffee House, but at all our  S300 Trader’s Coffee Houses, as well as on the internet for all the world to see.   While you relax, you trade your sailboat, your car, your lawn mower, your photography services, or even your house.  If you did not receive an acceptable offer during your coffee break, the posting is not just for today, but for a full 30 days.

A percentage of interest offered for one city for $6,000,000.

Contact: Robert W. Steele:   Call 760-522-5362.