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Offshore Airport Design Services

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Asset Equity$12, 000, 000
Takes Real Estate, Hard Assets, Paper Assets, Other

Plans have been created and engineering is in progress for an Offshore International Airport Platform proposed for the City of San Diego, California.  The engineering concepts developed in this program can be adapted to meet the airport needs anywhere in the world where existing land sites are impractical.  Owner has generated a comprehensive proprietary Draft Environmental Assessment incorporating foundational components of the National Environmental Policy Act, and the California Environmental Quality Act, with supplemental components specific to Maritime and Open Ocean Applications.  The draft now comprises more than one thousand fifty [1,050] specific environmental, social, demographic, and economic categories.

Benefits:  Shortcuts the years of planning and engineering to develop a functioning offshore airport.

Owner’s Value:  $12,000,000

Remarks:   Owner has ten plus years planning and engineering involved.

Owner’s Takes:  Real estate, paper, stock, hard assets, a participation in project profits.

Contact:        Chet Allen:   760-716-1031

Please click on link below to view extensive engineering studies.