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Green Mine Solutions

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Asset Equity$5, 000, 000
Takes Real Estate, Hard Assets, Space, Paper Assets, Other

As mine owners ourselves, we have solved environmental issues for our own facilities.  We now offer our hands-on experience to other mine owners by offering the consulting services of a team experienced in resolving critical environmental problems related to mining activities.  Global Model Mines, LLC brings years of successful practice to solving such issues as water filtration systems for acid mine drainage issues; processing technologies converting arsenic 3 to arsenic 5 to solve toxicity problems; green processing technologies achieving up to 100% noble and heavy metal recovery potentials.  We are also a leader in developing sustainable community programs, while supporting local economies.

Team Consulting Services: $5,000,000, or as negotiated.

The mining industry holds a key to sustaining the current pace of global development. However, heightened concerns about global warming and pollution also make it imperative to use eco-friendly and sustainable solutions for extracting natural resources.

Governments and miners worldwide are actively trying to deploy new technologies and innovations to reduce mining waste and promote responsible mining practices at every stage of the mining life cycle.

Green Mine Solutions has the vision, technologies & strategies for co-creating a sustainable future for mining and its surroundings.

Exchange for: Investment Real Estate (all classes); Mining Projects & Equipment, Paper Assets; Businesses, and Engineering Services.

Contact: Robert W. Steele:   Call 760-522-5362; or  Nancy Priestly:  Call 805 245-1915.