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Development Expertise

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Asset Equity1000000
Takes Real Estate, Hard Assets, Paper Assets

Opportunity:  The experienced and problem solving development team of Gynergy, Inc. can transform a non-productive real estate or a business asset into a productive one.  Putting the pieces of the puzzle together is what we do.  Troptions (crypto currency) are an acceptable form of payment.

Alternatives: 1. Gynergy, Inc. could acquire the Asset and put the elements together (talent and funding) and supervise the project to completion and profit distributions.  2. The Seller could partner with Gynergy, Inc. with the acquiring party to develop.  3. The acquiring party could contract with Gynergy, to provide the development talent to complete the project.

Owner’s Value: $1,000,000 minimum

Owner’s Takes:  Land; Troptions (Crypto Currency); Business Opportunities; Investment Real Estate; Hard Assets; Space; Paper Assets

Contact:        Chet Allen:   760-716-1031